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Tapioca - Digital Painting Brushes for Clip Studio Paint



2022 Feb 17

Added Cracklings to Tzu Season 3.

Cracklings are various flat brushes that are mainly for solid, dense painting. If you have a pen that supports pen direction, I think these are more controllable than the other heavily-textured Tzu brushes.


2021 Nov 19

I’m ready to to call this Tapioca 2.0. It’s been updated to use various new features in Clip Studio Paint 1.10.x and 1.11.x like color dynamics, Dual brush and the new Smear blend mode, where they improve usability.

As with the other updates, this a free update for anyone who has previously purchased this pack.

These will require the new Clip Studio Paint update (version 1.11.x)

Changes to brush organization:

2021 Feb 26

Tahini (new brush set)

Tahini is a set of basic, very dense brushes, with solid, non-circle shapes. They are mostly an alternative to basic round brushes but with a little extra pen tilt response, optional slight blending.

Like Photoshop painting, these are also designed to be useful if you want to decrease the brush opacity manually. They are optionally slightly blendy. These brushes are designed so you can switch between blending and no-blending depending on your painting step or preferred style. Blending reduces the edge noise when you paint over previous strokes.

Dense, plain, opaque brushes like this are for advanced use and require that you have a good command of colors and contrast for them to be useful. In the same sense, they also make good brushes for studying how to use colors.

Also includes Tahini Pharan Blur for basic blurring.

Felt (New brush set)

This is a small set of PS-style slightly-textured painting brushes.

This includes ph Felt and Radish Kore.

Kommand Ruffer and Kommand Plain Ruffer were also added to the Ruffers.

New RiceTzu shapes

RiceTzu SP Seeds, RiceTzu PL Seeds and RiceTzu SP Sesame have been added. These are simple one-sided textured shapes for better clarity while still having texture.


ToastTzu brushes are some brushes that use the new brush blend modes in Clip Studio Paint 1.10.5. They are included in the existing Tzu set.

Seasalt Confection

Seasalt Confection is a powdery spray brush. Seasalt Confection Shade has a more neutral particle shape, variable density and particle size response to pen pressure good for shading.

These brushes can be found in the Pipton and Shapes file.


2020 Dec 17

Tapioca Version 1.5 is out!

Most of Tapioca’s existing brushes have been updated to use the new features in Clip Studio Paint 1.10.5. This includes some of them having a slight per-stroke color variation by default, enabling randomized flipping where it helps, exposing new brush controls in the sub-tool palette, and some minor adjustments to make them

2020 Nov 26

I’ve included beta versions of some of my new Pizza brushes since I thought they were cool and people are currently getting brushes from also getting CSP. But I’m also in the process of rearranging the files in the main set, and considering what changes I need to make when Clip Studio Paint 1.10.5 comes out, so I can’t update the zip file just yet.

If you want to try them out, make sure you download the Tapioca Pizza file!! They work best with pens that support pen direction!

2020 Sep 4

Added Pharan Brush 2020-2 and recommended one-brush-for-most-things image.

Some helpful reading: