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Krupuk - Markers and Water Brushes for Clip Studio Paint


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Krupuk Markers and Water is a set of Clip Studio Paint brushes that try to look like markers and thin, water-based media, with various shapes and amounts of grain and texture.

This was originally a set of brushes to help me quickly do quick coloring on sketches, but I later expanded to be able to achieve a broader set of marker-like looks.

Included in the set


Krupuk is separated according to its grain, which are scans of different kinds of paper.

Each category has a variety of shapes, softness and fuzziness. For example Chisel is for chisel tip markers. Fine is for fine-tip. Marker is for a general ovoid shape. Use Haze as a soft brush. There are several other shapes too.

There are also variations for how deep the color is. Some markers have Mid and Light variants. The Mid variants help show the actual picked color better when that’s the desired effect.

More recently, Clip Studio Paint has added the ability to adjust the Brightness and Contrast of the texture. You can also adjust these sliders to make the color more dense and better show the picked color.

Krupuk also includes a set of effects brushes that help achieve certain effects.


Kropek is the smaller set of dual brushes compatible with Clip Studio Paint’s updated brush engine (1.10.x). These allow the paper texture and brush texture to show through on the edges for a dry brush look. These can be combined with the regular Krupuk set as long as you match the color density and paper texture.

These also include the WCB paper texture.


Extending on the Kropek set, these are more controllable dual brushes. They have controllable edges when pressing normally, and fade out to rough edges as you press lighter.

Krupuk Inkers

Krupuk Inkers are thick, inking brushes that look water-based. They have pressure-responsive color dynamics so it darkens and saturates as you press harder, mimicking dense colored specialty inks.

Script Tzu

Script Tzu is a small set of Asian calligraphy brushes.

Krupuk Tips

Here are some tips and how-tos that are included in the pack.

(character Dusk belongs to @duskwalker)

The [Compare Density] brush blend mode lets separate semitransparent brush strokes connect. This lets you more carefully create a shape through multiple strokes, undo individual ones and try again, or even erase and paint a new stroke to patch it up.

(*if you use the same semitransparent brush to erase, [Compare Density] will cause it to limit how much it can erase. In this case, it’s more effective to have a separate brush for erasing especially if you need to erase fully.)

Choose between Compare Density, Normal, or Multiply depending on what you’re working on.

In the absence of an actual water engine in Clip Studio Paint, the set comes with a variety of brushes that help add an unevenness effect without too much extra effort.

Some helpful reading: