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EnpitsuP is a set of brushes designed for drawing, inking and sketching. This set includes a variety pencils and shading tools, and natural and digital line art, drawing and ink brushes.

What’s Included?

This brush set is separated into:

It also includes:


EnpitsuP includes a set of natural looking pencils and their digital-looking counterparts, useful for different styles.

(IroEnpitsuP 2021)

Natural Pens

There are a few natural pens that approximate technical, gel and nib pens with their taper and slight fringing.

Digital Drawing

The EnpitsuP set includes various drawing and inking brushes with various levels of roughness and tapering.

Superclean Linework

Superclean Linework is a set of plain inking brushes of varying density, softness, tapering and resolution.


The set includes the small set of PharanBrush erasers.

Use Electric EraserP for natural-looking small erasures. This can also be used to draw white details.

EnpitsuP Settei

These are even-width versions of select brushes from EnpitsuP and BorupenP, good for animation tests, character sheets, writing, etc.

You can read more about it here:

Some Tips

Many of these brushes were designed around a specific size. Most of them have some flexibility for increasing or decreasing the brush size. But if you resize them too much, they may start to look weird.

Some of the pencil brushes are set to the [Compare Density] blend mode by default. This is to partially reflect how pencil marks partially block further pencil marks from going on the page, and should help make drawings look less messy.

However, certain styles of drawing and shading do require building up pencil marks on top of each other slowly. In this case, you may need to swich the brush blend mode to [Normal] or [Multiply].

Some helpful reading: